Unlock and Jailbreak iPad

This is my "blog" about the Apple iPad. Like iPhone, the iPad also has a locked down file system, and Apple is in full control of what you can do with it. Our goal is obviously to jailbreak iPad (unlock iPad's file system) so that anyone can develope all kinds of apps, system tweaks, fixes etc. Since iPad uses the same OS as iPhone, jailbreaking iPad can most likely be achieved using the exact same exploits used on iPhone.

iPad Jailbreak Solution is Probably Named Limera1n

News (April, 26th): limera1n.com has been registered by geohot - this is probably the name of his iPad jailbreak/unlocking tool. Release date is still unknown.

What we know so far about iPad jailbreak progress

Our Goals

We obviously want to unlock any locks or restrictions on the iPad, so that we can use it's full potential, without being forced to use Apple's services or iTunes. Our initial goals are:


My Critical iPad Review

After using my iPad for few days, I've decided to write a short review while waiting for a jailbreak solution. You probably know about the awesome parts of this device already, so I'm going to focus most on where it fails, and stuff that other reviewers don't mention.


Apple's hardware is usually very good both visually and in terms of build quality. iPad is no exception. Lying on the table, it looks really good, and the one-piece metal back makes it feel really solid. Once you pick it up, you'll notice the weight. At first, this makes it feel even more solid, and expensive, but after actually starting to use it, the weight is really a problem. More about this later. The processor is more than fast enough, and the battery life is very good. Hardware buttons are like expected - very few but good. I have a little complaint about the rotation lock switch though - I think it's a little hard to operate - the mute switch on iPhone is easier.


I'm breaking this down to mini-reviews of every included Apps, again focusing mostly on the negative parts.

The iPad App store doesn't have that many great Apps yet, and unlike iPhone, there's very few free Apps. Also, most of the paid apps are substantially more expensive than on iPhone. For instance, I found a $20 "To-do" App. Most other Apps are priced the double of what they are on iPhone.

Like on iPhone, the iPad apps are very limited in what they can do, due to Apple's strict rules, so I can't wait for an iPad jailbreak solution to appear, so that we can get some of the great jailbreak apps we know from the iPhone.

Where iPad Fails / What I Really Hate About iPad

I'm going to skip the most obvious things, like Apple's lock down, lacking USB/Memory cards, Flash etc.

Physical Problems with iPad

iPad is heavy, and it doesn't have any support or holder on the back. Also, although it's not exactly Apple's "fault", I'm having slight problems holding this device in a comfortable way. Unlike laptops you have to use your hand to hold it, and the weight makes you tired in your arm when holding it for longer periods. The best way to hold it is with both hands, but that makes it hard to use the touch screen. Especially when browsing web pages, when I try to scroll with my thumb, it often recognize it as a touch, and it loads up the link I touched.

The software keyboard is surprisingly good in landscape mode - but again there's a problem that you don't have anything to hold it making it hard to type with both hands. You basically have to change your position to make sure you sit straight and rest it in your lap. While hoping it doesn't slide off your lap while typing - the smooth backside doesn't exactly help.

The screen is a mirror. If you are really satisfied with your own appearance this is probably a good thing, because you will see yourself most of the time while using it in daylight. Forget about using it in direct sun light.

And let's not forget the huge bezel. I guess we all noticed that pretty fast when iPad was presented, but I read that it made sense because you would rest your hand there, and it would avoid accidental touching on the screen. Well, after actually testing it, I totally disagree. The bezel could be less than 50%, and still not be a problem at all. The iPhone has a very small bezel, and that has never been a problem.

Safari is Ruining the Browsing Experience on iPad

Safari is my biggest disappointment of the apps on the iPad. Let's start with what you see every time you open the browser: When you open Safari, you are presented with a big blank screen (unless it continued from last session). This is ridiculous. The sensible way is to show you your favorite web sites so that you can just tap on the site you want to visit.

Like iPhone, when going back or forward it doesn't load fully from cache - instead it downloads and redraws the page. I can't even describe how stupid this. An example: When I browse my favorite news sites, I obviously go back and forth between articles and the front page a lot. On my netbook computer, using Opera browser, it takes 0.1 seconds to go from an article and back to the front page. On iPad, it takes between 15-20 seconds (1Mbit connection, measured on two different news sites). This completely destroys the entire browsing experience for me.

The browser is not particularly fast either - I did some speed testing on various websites, and my 2 year old netbook (oldest Atom processor) running Opera, loaded pages between 50-70% faster than Safari on iPad (real life tests).

So here is of all my complaints about the Safari browser on iPad:

All in all, Safari on iPad is very poor, and ruins the internet browsing experience for me.


iPad is a great device, but unlike iPhone it's not a game changer. It's definitively not a replacement for a laptop or netbook. But if you like to have the newest gadgets, and have the money ready to spend, you will probably not be dissapointed. But i wouldn't waste more money than $500 for the base model - remember that next year you will have to buy a new one, when Apple release the next iPad which probably have most of the stuff this one lacks.